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Low-cost, fast, and secure EVM blockchain platform integrated into the WhiteBIT ecosystem

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About Whitechain

Build Effortlessly. Grow Limitlessly.

Join WhiteBIT Ecosystem

Access one of the largest crypto ecosystems with millions of users worldwide, get support from the Foundation, and connect with industry leaders.

Design at scale

Enable the fast execution of transactions for users of your dApps at a fraction of the cost and time compared to other networks: 2s block time and less than 1c per transaction.

Build on EVM

Get all the benefits of building on an EVM-compatible — familiar, versatile, and rich — environment for blockchain development, fostering growth and innovation while maintaining compatibility with the established Ethereum ecosystem.



Turning young visionaries into Blockchain Architects

The Whitechain Grant Program reflects the core mission and supports projects that pioneer cutting-edge technological solutions.

Furthermore, we extend our support to projects across the development spectrum, whether they are in their early stages or have already achieved significant progress.

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Turning young visionaries into Blockchain Architects