Ecosystem Grants

Already building a unique web3 experience or just starting with a crazy idea?

Apply for a Whitechain grant to gain access to resources, receive technical support, and bootstrap product development.

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Let’s make a positive impact on society together

We welcome projects that align with our mission, ecosystem goals and primary focus on applying blockchain technology.

Real-World Sectors

Payment systems, data storage, real estate ownership, telecommunications, and more

Sports and eSports

Fan engagement, programmable loyalty mechanics, gamified SportFi products

DeFi and NFT Innovation

Innovative smart contract based financial products, and programmable NFT experiences

Individual lines

What we offer

For Individuals /Startups

It is perfect for new projects, startups, and individuals. We provide a hassle-free application process, and try to deliver a decision in just two weeks.

Simplified Applications: User-friendly and straightforward. We believe in maximizing your time spent on innovation, not paperwork.

Quick Decisions: Time is of the essence for startups and small businesses. That's why we prioritize swift decision-making, ensuring you receive feedback within 2-4 weeks.

Efficient Evaluation: Our efficient evaluation process is your fast track to securing the financial support necessary to propel your project forward.


For Businesses

It's ideal for ambitious and large-scale projects. We don't impose funding constraints, rest assured, your project will undergo a thorough review process, including the possibility of scope adjustments, to ensure it reaches full potential.

Flexible Funding: Grants come with the flexibility you need. We try to stay as flexible as possible, allowing your vision to soar as high as you can dream.

Thorough Review: We take your projects seriously. Our rigorous evaluation process ensures that every aspect is meticulously examined, maximizing your chances of success.

Variable Timelines: Each project is unique. That's why our timelines are customized to match your project's scope and complexity.


Join a whole ecosystem of web3 products

Through Whitechain grants you gain access to the WhiteBIT products ecosystem, allowing you to add synergy and build on top of products used by millions of users

Ecosystem of 'white' products



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