Maximise Rewards with SoulDrop

SoulDrop is a unique rewards distribution mechanism that allows WBT holders to support the development of Whitechain ecosystem and receive additional benefits

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Why Distribute Rewards?

Our goal is to incentivizes user participation through regular, automated rewards based on WB Soul holdings.

Additionally, we are eager to cultivate community engagement by consistently funding the SoulDrop reward pool with internal WBT funds, thus enhancing user rewards and demonstrating a commitment to community benefits.


SoulDrop collects fees from transactions in Whitechain


WhiteBIT refuel SoulDrop with WBT from internal funds


SoulDrop works in the background and stores information about the accumulated rewards


A WB Souls can claim their rewards in the contract

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Principles of Rewards Distribution

The reward distribution is secured through a smart contract. The SoulDrop contract uses a compounding method, meaning previous period rewards are added to the WBT holding for future calculations. Rewards are computed for each 30-day holding period, and partial periods are not included in the reward calculation.

How to

How to participate

Let’s start!

Create your WB Soul Hold your WBT on WhiteBIT

Please note:

To receive rewards you should allow to show your HoldAmount in Whitechain


Receive your rewards with up to a 22% annual reward!



If you still have questions, you can contact our support team

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